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Five Reasons to Check out Cub Prix
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Malaysian Cub Prix

Cub Prix, a unique racing sport event in Malaysia, is returning in 2014 to celebrate its 21st year.
Cub Prix's first event was held in Melaka in 1994, and since that time, Cub Prix has provided riders, both experienced and novice, with the opportunity to test their racing skills against other competitors and display their racing talents. As Cub Prix has progressed, it has gradually modified and expanded its racing classes, gradually lowering age restrictions and, ultimately, creating a category specifically for riders aged 13 to 17. Cub Prix has become an established venue to observe and discover new motorcycle racing talent.
Open only to Malaysian riders, Cub Prix is an underbone racing series. "Underbone" refers to a specific type of motorcycle design. It differs from a unibody (pressed steel) construction partly because, while unibody construction is similar to airplane design which places the structural stability of the vehicle on the outer frame and body, an underbone construction vehicle's stability rests on a structural tube frame. Additionally, the fuel tank, which is seated between the seat and the front of the bike in other types of motorcycles, is generally placed beneath the driver's seat in an underbone motorcycle, allowing easy mounting and dismounting, as well as a sleek and more aerodynamic profile. This makes the vehicle popular not only with racing aficionados, but both men and women of the non-racing motorcycle population as well.
First manufactured in the early 1950's, early underbone motorcycles resembled a fancy bicycle with an engine. Today's vehicles are sleeker and look a bit tougher than the originals - a very good thing if one crashes. If you've ever seen - or had - a motorcycle spin out ( during a motorcycle race, you understand how crucial machine durability can be.
Sponsored by Malaysian oil company PETRONAS since 2003, Cub Prix remains a grassroots event designed to identify, encourage, and develop new racing talent. And by courting the younger riders, Cub Prix encourages young racing hopefuls to begin their careers as early as possible for the longest possible career run.
Expanded into a two-day event in 2007, other sponsors include Hong Leong Yamaha Sdn Bhd, and Boon Siew Honda Sdn Bhd.
Specialised racing parts, such as exhaust systems, racing clutches, springs and gears, shock absorbers, engine parts, chains, and others, can greatly add to the motorcycle's speed, power, and efficiency, as well as making for a more exciting riding experience, and many riders sport the latest racing equipment to obtain optimum performance.
Here, in no particular order, are 5 reasons to check out the Cub Prix racing event:
1. It's a grassroots event that provides young riders, potential riders, and riders who have not yet raced but would like to try, an avenue to the exciting world of underbone motorcycle racing.
2. It's an exciting event for spectators - watch skilled, determined, talented riders push themselves and their motorcycles to the limit.
3. Young riders - perhaps now is the opportunity you've been waiting for to show your racing skills!
4. Show support for the riders, novice and seasoned, in this one-of-a-kind event open to Malaysian riders only.
5. Check out the latest equipment and see how riders are accessorising and optimising racing motorcycle performance.

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